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Our Charity Partners

We are proud and honored to call these organizations our partners. After you close your tab in our taproom, you'll notice a prompt asking if you’d like to donate to our charities of the quarter. We then match these donations 100%. While we never say no to ANY charitable donation, for this fund, we wanted to be very pointed in where we think our dollars can best be applied locally. Read more about some of our partners, the difference they're making, and how you can get involved below. 

Arrow Family Ministries

Arrow Child & Family Ministries tirelessly recruits, trains, licenses, and supports foster families, providing safe, nurturing homes where children can thrive and prepare for successful adulthoods. Fostering isn't always easy, but it's incredibly rewarding. It's about providing a safe, temporary home for a child who needs love and understanding.

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Spindletop Center

Spindletop Center is a non-profit healthcare organization specializing in behavioral healthcare, programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance use services for each stage of life. 

Family Services of SETX

Family Services of Southeast Texas serves families and individuals in crises. Family Services Counseling Center provides healing to individuals and families who are facing a variety of issues that affect families, such as grief, stress, parenting challenges, marital difficulties, substance abuse and more. Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter provides hope to all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


No Longer Limited Duty

Veterans now have access to many different medical services at little or no cost. However, they do not have access to holistic healthcare at little or no cost, even though these services can help heal the wounds caused by war. Many veterans cannot afford to pay for holistic healthcare services, so they do not get the treatment they need. This is where No Longer Limited Duty comes in. We will assist in building a Health and Wellness Team for each of our Veterans that will work together to find a solution to heal the veteran and the organization will pick up the bill for these services at our approved holistic healthcare practitioners, allowing our veterans to get access to life changing services at no cost to them.

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